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About this site
About this site

This site is a brief introduction and overview of the Bible created to help those unfamiliar with the Bible to understand its importance in their lives. To that end, this site explains why the Bible is the most consequential and unparalleled book in all of human history.

Although this may seem like an overstatement or hyperbole, it isn’t, and we will use this site to guide people through their journey toward fully comprehending the scale and enormity of this magnificent book.

The Bible, at it’s heart, outlines the story of God and His journey with us from creation, and our fall from grace, through the return of Jesus and our ultimate redemption in His presence. God, in His omnipotence, planned our entire story and, because of His love for us, gave us the Bible as a way to understand and embrace it.

Every word of the Bible is essential to our story and it’s depth and specificity make the Bible an irrefutable reference for all of human history.

The scale and enormity of the Bible makes our task daunting and challenging, but with His grace and support we’ve done our best to represent this brief introduction to His book as clearly and simply as possible.

We have done research on the general questions people have about the Bible and hope that this site can begin to answer some of those introductory inquiries.

Includes a timeline of major events

We have included a general timeline of the major events in the Bible as a way to examine the keys events of our story, hoping that our introduction will lead you to use the multitude of resources available to dig deeper. Where possible, we have listed resources for you to use to begin your journey of discovery hoping that this site is a springboard for you as you dive into this wonderful book.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have that aren’t currently covered by the site and we will use our Blog to answer your questions and point you to more resources that may help you on you unique journey of discovery.

We are each created completely uniquely by God and each have our own path to Him. Understanding the Bible is often a key part of our realization of how much God loves us and what He wants for us in our lives. Hopefully this site will help you to launch your wonderful and fulfilling transformation.

About the author of this site

Ned Wicker is the primary writer of The-Bible.net. His Christian pastoral and chaplaincy background make him uniquely qualified for this task. Ned began as a writer, broadcaster and journalist and did a mid-career change into Christian ministry and chaplaincy.

Ned’s early career

Ned is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and began his professional career working in television production before moving to public radio, where he worked as a news producer and play-by-play announcer.

While in radio, he was hired by the Associated Press to cover professional and college sports. He became interested in public relations and signed on to be the Director of Public Relations for the Milwaukee Mile race track. He would later be a press agent for Indy Car drivers, teams and sponsors. Along with two partners, Ned purchased Indy Car Racing Magazine and soon became its sole owner. He was Editor-in-Chief for 13 years.

While working the magazine, Ned was invited to join the Board of Directors for CART Ministries, which provided spiritual care for the Indy Car community. He would later take over as chaplain to the Toyota Atlantic Championship Series, a minor league series running with the Indy Cars.

Ned’s call to Christian Ministry

After selling the magazine, Ned felt drawn to the ministry. He studied at Trinity Theological Seminary. He was then an associate pastor for two non-denominational churches, but he was attracted to hospital ministry. He completed four units of Clinical Pastoral Education and an intensive residency at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Milwaukee. Ned then served in hospitals and hospice care for the next 12 years before he retirement in 2018.

Retirement from Chaplaincy

In addition to writing The-Bible.net, Ned plays guitar and sings with a praise band and regularly does chapel services at nursing homes and memory care facilities. He is also a high school baseball coach.

Much of Ned’s approach to The-Bible.net is based on his seminary background and experience in the ministry/chaplaincy field. He researches from his personal library and reads works of Biblical scholars online. He loves the Bible and enjoys being the primary author of this site.