Bible Questions

Authors of the Bible

Bible questions are common and plentiful, we take a few and try to answer them for you. Who wrote the Bible, is it true, these are the questions we tackle.

The Bible is the most consequential and unparalleled book in all of human history. Although this may seem like an overstatement or hyperbole, it isn’t, and we will use this site to guide people through their journey toward fully comprehending the scale and enormity of this magnificent book.

The Bible, at it’s heart, outlines the story of God and His journey with us from creation, and our fall from grace, through the return of Jesus and our ultimate redemption in His presence. God, in His omnipotence, planned our entire story and, because of His love for us, gave us the Bible as a way to understand and embrace it.

Every word of the Bible is essential to our story and it’s depth and specificity make the Bible an irrefutable reference for all of human history.

The scale and enormity of the Bible makes our task daunting and challenging, but with His grace and support we’ve done our best to represent this brief introduction to His book as clearly and simply as possible.

We have done research on the general questions people have about the Bible and hope that this site can begin to answer some of those introductory inquiries.

Common Bible Questions

Below is a list of common questions people have about the Bible. Because it was written more than 2000 years ago, and is such a complex document, we often have a lot of questions that confuse us.

How was the earth created?

God created heaven and earth.


In the beginning God created heaven and earth. He said let there be light and there was light, before 4000 BC. Read More →

Was there really a Garden of Eden?

The Fall of Man from the garden

Adam and Eve disobeyed God and ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, before 4000 BC. Read More

The Fall

What is the Bible?

The Bible

I’ve heard of the Bible, but don’t know what it is?

The Bible is a book written by men and inspired by God to document how and why the human race was created. It tells us what is good and what is evil. What we should do with our lives and what we should not do. Read More

Is the Bible true?

Does God exist?

To decide if the Bible is true, you must first ask: Does God really exist? This is an important question. Read More

does God exist

Which is the best Bible to read?

Best Bible

New International Version (NIV)

There are many transactions for the Bible. The King James and New International Version (NIV) are the most popular. Read More

How old is the Bible?

When was the Bible written?

The Bible is one of if not the oldest book in human history dating back to the 14th century BC. Read More

Age of the Bible

Who wrote the Bible?

Authors of the Bible

Moses was one of the main authors of the first part of the Bible. Read More

Why so much evil in the world?

If God is Good, Why is there Evil?

The questions are as old as history itself. If God is good and loving, why is there so much evil in the world? Why does God allow evil? Read More

Cain kills Abel

What are the 10 Commandments?

Ten commandments in the Bible

The Ten Commandments define God’s law for us to strive to follow in order to live the joyous life He has for us. Read More

Sin in the Bible?

What is sin in the Bible?

Sin is a part of human nature. God understands this completely. That is exactly why Jesus needed to leave heaven and come to earth. Something we could not do for ourselves—defeat sin. Read More