Creation or Evolution

Creation versus evolution, what should I believe? I recall my days in high school science, when the teacher talked about the scientific method. There’s not a whole lot I remember to be honest, but he talked about science being able to recreate an event. That’s how they prove things. They make something happen again.

Currently, there’s a lot of theories about where we all came from. Was it from a primordial ooze, or were we created by God? Many theories on this are accepted as science, but they can’t be proven by the scientific method and are therefore only theories.

One theory is that man evolved over millions of years. The other theory, the one presented in the Bible, states emphatically that man was the master handiwork of God. We have only one source for this—the Bible.

Creation cannot be proven because by the rules of science, the event cannot be recreated.

So what do we believe about our creation?

Okay, what are we supposed to believe? On the one hand, using the scientific method, we cannot recreate the beginning of time. Call it the “big bang” or whatever, but something remarkable happened.

The Bible says that God spoke the universe into existence. Out of nothing, God spoke and whammo, it all began. Could that be an explanation for the “big bang?”

On the other hand, we can accept the Biblical account, not because of the evidence presented by the scientific method, but simply by faith. In other words, we just say “Okay God, I’ll take your word for it.”

The problem is that the Bible is not a science book, although arguably its scientific accounts are solid. God told us what happened, but did not include how it happened.

Does God exist?

The really big problem is that we cannot prove the existence of God. It can’t be disproven either. This sounds like a standoff of some kind, a stare down. To accept the Biblical account, it takes faith. To accept the man evolved from amoeba, likewise takes faith.

So the two sides are left to agree to disagree. Call it a draw? No, they both can’t be right and wrong at the same time. The Biblical account is either true, or it’s a fairy tale.

Takes more faith to believe in evolution

Interestingly, some say it takes more faith to accept evolution than it does that accept the Biblical narrative. With evolution, there is that sticky scientific method to get past. Species of animals don’t just change from one thing to another.

The Bible says that creators were created and recreate after their own kind. Tigers don’t turn into alligators. Dogs don’t become cats. There is order.

Evolutionists will claim the fossil record explains everything, but the fossil records have huge holes that cannot be reconciled, so it takes a leap of faith to bridge those gaps.

I believe the Bible

I have embraced the Biblical account about our creation, not because I can disprove evolution, but because I don’t really understand it. It assumes order was created out of chaos, this is illogical to me.

The Bible says God created all things. I believe in God. I believe in His word and I take it by faith, nothing more. My understanding is that He created all things, but I have no clue how He did it. I’m satisfied, because the “how” is not nearly as important as the “why” and the “why” of every Biblical account is what captivates me.

God had a purpose for creating us

If I can get past the “how did it happen” and focus on why it happened, I can begin to understand God’s purpose, His intentionality. Scripture is an intellectual feast and doors open when you can look to God and ask Him for guidance and insight. Unlike any other book, the Bible is a conversation, a living breathing conversation between man and God. That has my attention.