Does God Exist?

While this site is about the Bible, it is only reasonable to talk about the author. Considered by many as the Word of God, the Bible was penned by some 40 men over a 1400 year period.

Is the Bible the Word of God?

The Bible IS the Word of God! Prove it. The answer to the question “Does God exist?” must begin with an undeniable fact: it can’t be proven.

In the Bible, God calls upon people to accept Him by faith. And, because He wants people to accept Him by faith, His words do not lead to some kind of “dog and pony show” action, which would negate the necessity of faith.

In other words, God says “trust me” and wants us to follow Him.

We all have some doubt

Even those who lived with Jesus had their doubts. Jesus, according to Scripture, was “God with us,” Emanuel. The disciples saw Him daily for three years. Yet, they may not have been too sure. Was He really God incarnate?

The disciple Thomas, and you’ve heard of “doubting Thomas,” was not convinced that Jesus was actually God in the flesh. After the resurrection, Jesus appeared to the disciples and showed John His scars. John fell to his knees and cried “My Savior and my God.”

Then and only then would John accept Jesus as divine.

Jesus said to John, ‘Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed’” (John 20:29).

Again, the Bible is to be accepted by faith.

Non-believers draw different conclusions from the same facts

Now the difference between a believer and a non-believer is very simple. They both have the opportunity to examine the same evidence, but draw opposite conclusions.

One looks at nature and is amazed at how really perfect it is. The other more or less takes nature for granted as just the way things are.

So much of the universe points to a creator God. Look at the precision of the solar system we live in. Each plant orbits the sun with an exact distance and speed. You can look up the precise moment the sun will rise on every day of the year, and predict with complete accuracy when the sun will arise on any day a thousand years from now.

Most cultures believe in superior being

Proof or no proof, the vast majority of people across all cultures believe in some kind of superior being. Call it what you like, but there is something pointing to God. We may not understand it, or we may not be able to describe it, but something is going on. Let’s take a look at some of the arguments.

God the GREAT I AM!

We will start with the ontological position, which uses God to prove God’s existence. This asserts that God is “a being than which no greater can be conceived.”

It goes on to say that to exist is greater than to no exist. If that is the case then there must be a greatest conceivable being. If that is not the case, then of course there cannot be God. In Exodus, God said to Moses, “I am that I am.” He is self contained, requiring no outside action.

Universe is has too much order to be random

You’ve heard the argument for intelligent design. That is basically the teleological argument. I mentioned the solar system before. Well, the perfection of nature is contained in this argument.

Did life come from the “ooze”? Consider that protein molecule would be formed is 1 chance in 1, (243 zeros) or 1,000,000…243 times. Pretty big number. Six zeros would be a million, but 243? A single cell has millions of protein molecules, so to put this together in such a way as man is the outcome, well, that’s all but impossible. Somebody created man.

Cause and effect

Next we look at the cosmological argument. This deals with cause and effect. Something had to cause the universe to come into existence. Science can’t explain this. It’s too fantastic.

The Bible just says that God spoke the universe into existence. That cause is God, or as another writer put it, something that was “un-caused” must have been the cause. Someone outside of science, time and space.

Every culture has rules. Some cultures created very sophisticated sets of laws. The Greeks gave us democracy. But every tribe, every nation has a sense of what is right and what is wrong. No matter who and no matter where, people know it’s not right to kill people, or steal, or lie.

What causes a universal law like that. God wrote that on the hearts of men from the very beginning. This is the moral argument.

Some still reject God’s existence

Still, some will reject the existence of God because it can’t be proven scientifically. Some will reject God because to do otherwise would necessitate their responding to God and heading His direction.

They will exchange the truth of God for a lie to avoid being accountable. Evolution is a religion that endeavors to explain the origin of man in the absence of a creator God.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam write of a creator, but only Christianity offered the why behind that creation. Only Christianity brings the rejection of God into focus.

All things were created by and for the Lord Jesus Christ. But man turned from His creator and sin entered the world. Helpless to reverse that stain on his own, man needed a Savior. Yeshua, Jesus came to set the record clean and free man from the sin, allowing believers into an eternal Heaven. But that is entirely predicated on faith, not action. Those who cling to evolution, who try to disprove God only serve to illuminate their worse fear, that God does in fact exist.

Still, I can’t prove that God exists, I just search for evidence. The Bible is powerful. It has changed hearts and minds. It is alive, a living breathing document. It is God talking to man. It is all about having a measure of faith.