Four Bible Study Guide Approaches

The Bible is the inspired word of God our creator. It tells us everything we need to know to live a joyous and inspired life. Studying the Bible, allows us to begin to open up God’s word in a personal way to help lead us to the place where we need to be.

God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit have a personal and unique relationship with each of us, so we will see messages and information tailored for us as we study the Bible. Many of us have had the wonderful experience of studying a verse today that is exactly the information we need at this point in our lives. God meets us where we are at.

Review our home page

On the home page of this site we have set up a very brief overview of the key events in the Bible. Reviewing this timeline is an easy and quick way to get a brief introduction to the Bible as you begin life-long exploration of this book.

How to begin or continue your journey with the Bible

Deciding how to begin studying the Bible can be a daunting task, but can be the most fulfilling and beneficial undertaking of your life. The Bible is certainly a complex book with an infinite amount of information for all of us, no matter how long we have been reading and studying the Bible.

There are as many approaches and guides to studying the Bible as there are books in the Bible. There is generally no right or wrong way to start. Here are four ideas to consider as a way to begin studying the Bible

1. Find a church and allow them to guide you through your Bible study

One recommendation for beginning your Bible study, is to find a church to attend and join one of their Bible study classes. This can be an excellent way to study the Bible, because the leaders of the studies can answer your questions and put context to what you are reading.

When you go to a church, and allow them to lead you through your study, you will get bit sized sections of the Bible to study and over the course of a few years you will begin to get an excellent sense of the entire book.

Look for a church that you feel comfortable in, either based on your family background or from a referral from a trusted friend or family member. Try attending a few times to see how you feel and whether or not you’re comfortable attending their services.

Use prayer throughout this process, asking God to lead you in the right direction and to a church that is good for you.

Once you find a place you’re comfortable then sign up for a bible study and begin your journey.

2. Join an online Bible Study

There are literally thousands of online Bible studies and guides. Some free and others request a small fee. Many are categorized by age, marital status, parenting or gender. Some are based on the season of the year Christmas, Easter or Advent. While still others focus on specific sections or books of the Bible for study.

Consider where you are in your life and what you may be struggling with as you choose your online study. Are you a new parent and struggling to balance everything? Look for a study that focuses on parenting. Are you single and feeling isolated and alone? You may want to find an online study for singles, who are feeling overwhelmed too.

Are you looking for hope or to reinvigorate your faith? There are great studies online for those topics as well.

3. Read the Bible in 365 days

Buy a book that breaks the Bible into 365 parts and finish reading the entire Bible in a year. Some of these Bible go in chronological sequence and others arrange the Bible in more “digestible” to avoid getting blogged down.

There is a website that supports daily reading off the Bible for free:

You could try this and see if you find it helpful.

4. Read Proverbs and Psalms First

Another common way that people approach reading the Bible is to read a chapter in the book of Proverbs everyday for 31 days (a month). Proverbs is full of practical and useful ideas for how to live your life well today. Even though it was written thousands of years ago, the book of Proverbs is relevant to for ours lives today.

Once you finished with Proverbs then read the book of Psalms that is also relevant and very beautiful at the same time. After Psalms then the book of John is the New Testament is a good place to go to get a wonderful overview of Jesus.

Get Started!

No matter which way you choose, the important thing is to start. Take an action and begin your unique journey with this wonderful book.