Is There Life After Death?

Is there life after death? It’s an age-old question. Here is the short answer… the answer is an unequivocal yes there is life after death.

Testimony of People with Near Death Experiences

The Bible says there is an afterlife, both good and bad. Heaven is for those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and His message of salvation. Hell for those who reject God. We are spiritual beings and as such, it is our spirit that God holds in His hands. The body will die. Call it planned obsolescence.

From a secular viewpoint, here is an excerpt from Psychology Today.

In his new book “Why an Afterlife Obviously Exists”, budding Swedish philosopher Jens Amberts argues that life after death is the equivalent of this tightly sealed room but that we nevertheless have an enormous number of reliable witnesses who have investigated that room and reported their overwhelming agreement that our consciousness does survive death.

The existence of an afterlife is an empirical question, says Amberts, and the weight of available testimony is so great as to make life after death “empirically certain.” If the existence of an afterlife is not widely acknowledged, it’s the result of ignorance, irrationality, or both.

The testimony to which Amberts refers is that of people who have had near-death experiences (NDEs). These are people who temporarily die or come close to death and, after reviving, describe having had extraordinary experiences like floating out of their bodies, viewing the scene from above, meeting deceased loved ones or other spiritual beings. Experiencing a beautiful, light-filled realm where they learned (or remembered) an astonishing amount about their life and its relationship to the rest of the universe.

God is the only true authority what happens when we die

The ultimate authority on the subject is God. His account in the Bible, is absolute.

The major rub in trying to examine an afterlife is that we really cannot prove the existence of God. While the Bible, in the opinion of this writer, is absolute, it is meant to be taken in and accepted by faith. If it were provable, then we would not need faith.

There is so much evidence of God, but that reminds me that the difference between an atheist and a Christian is simply that they have both seen the evidence and have arrived at opposite conclusions.

However, consider the Bible as a living entity. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, truth is revealed. That is why believers may say they have more faith in God than they do in anything else. The certainty of my life’s direction is clear to me, giving me God’s “shalom”, His peace.

Most religions believe that there is life after death

The majority of the world religions say there is life after death. Only Christianity offers a certainty of heaven. Islam talks of earning your way to heaven, as do many others, but there is no guarantee.

Some believe in reincarnation, coming back in a new life as a new person. Others believe people get put in limbo, awaiting heaven. Buddhists believe that the ultimate experience is nirvana, a place of perfect peace.

God’s perfect peace is evident in all of the Biblical writings, from Genesis to Revelation. It is an eternal, close and loving relationship. Yes, there is life after death.