People in the Bible

the offering of Isaac
Abraham offers Isaac back to God

There are many people in the Bible whose stories are told. We have picked key people to highlight on this page because they help to shape the story of God and Jesus in the Bible. Also, listed below is an introduction to those key individuals:

People in the Bible

People in the Bible Enoch

Enoch walked in faith before 3000 BC

The important thing to say about Enoch, and there is not a lot said about him in Genesis 4, is that he walked in FAITH with God. Read More

People in the Bible, the offering of Isaac

Abraham and Isaac 2054 BC

Abraham in obedience to God offers his son Isaac as a sacrifice. Read More

Jacob becomes Israel

Jacob named Israel 1906 BC

God renames Jacob to Israel and His chosen race is launched. Then, Jacob has twelve sons and his son’s and grandsons will form the the 12 tribes of Israel. Read More

People in the Bible, Joseph reveals his identity

Joseph helps his brothers 1875 BC

Joseph is a leader in Egypt and forgives his brothers and allows them to settle in Egypt even though,years earlier, his brothers sold him into slavery. Read More

People in the Bible, Egypt has ten plagues

Moses helped free Israel 1446 BC

God sends Moses to Egypt to free all of Israel from their bondage. Sadly, Pharaoh ignores God and refuses to free the Israelites.  Read More

Israel wanders in the wilderness for 40 years

People in the Bible, Moses Receives the Commandments

Moses receives the commandments 1446 BC

Moses led his people out of Pharaoh’s grasp and out of captivity. Then, God demonstrated His power again and showed His commitment to saving the Israelites. Read More

People in the Bible, Joshua leads the Israelites across the Jordan River

Joshua crosses the Jordan

Joshua leads the Israelites into the promised land after 40 years in the wilderness. Read More

People in the Bible: Gideon, David and Ruth


Gideon in the Bible 1169 BC

Gideon obeyed God and tried to eliminate worship of false gods. Read More

People in the Bible, Ruth

Ruth the great grandmother of David

Ruth is a Gentile, a Moabite but a direct descendant of Jesus. Read More

People in the Bible, Samuel anoints David

David chosen by God

David in the Bible, the first God-chosen king of Israel. Read about him in both of Samuel’s books. Also, he is a direct blood relative of Jesus, and the eternal king of Israel through the virgin Mary. Read More

David in the Bible

King David rules over all Israel 1003 BC

David rules over ALL of Israel and foreshadows Jesus’ ruling over all of us. Read More

Psalm of Salvation

David writes the Psalms 998 BC

Kind David wrote 73 Psalms during his life. Additionally, many believe they are some of the most beautiful writings in the Bible. Read More

The Prophets in the Bible


The Prophet Elijah 863 BC

The prophet Elijah was called to proclaim the one true God. He opposed anyone who followed false gods like Baal. Read More


Jonah is swallowed 760 BC

Jonah gets swallowed by a big fish because of his disobedience to God. He does not agree with what God wants him to do and suffers for his choices. Read More

Isaiah's prophesy of Immanuel

Isaiah’s Prophesy of Immanuel 735 BC

Isaiah tells of a virgin birth, the promised Messiah who will be called Immanuel, God with us. Read More

Daniel survives the lions' den

The Prophet Daniel 539 BC

God protects Daniel from the loins because Daniel obeyed God’s laws. Read More

Jesus both man and God

Birth of Jesus

The Messiah is born!

Jesus is born and Isaiah’s prophecy is realized. This show us that God has sent His only son so that we may have eternal life. Read More

Baptism of Jesus

Jesus is baptized

John the baptist baptizes Jesus at the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry is Israel. Read More

Jesus is tempted

Jesus is tempted in the desert

Jesus goes to the desert and doesn’t eat or drink for forty days. Then the devil temps Him to turn against God. Read More →

The Disciples of Jesus

Jesus with Disciples

Jesus calls His first Disciples

Jesus calls His first disciples and begins teaching them and us everything we need to know. Read More →


The Apostle John

The Apostle John was one of the original 12 disciples of Christ and was the writer of the Gospel, three epistles and the Book of Revelation. Read More

James in Bible

James in the Bible

The first two men named James we encounter in the Gospels are James, the son of Zebedee and the brother of John and James, the son of Alphaeus. Additionally, both were among the original 12 disciples. Read More

Peter in the Bible

The Apostle Peter

A poor fisherman, but feisty and full of fight, Peter heard the calling of Jesus/Yeshua and dropped everything to follow Jesus. Read More

Peter preaches to the gentiles

Peter preaches to the gentiles

Peter preaches to the gentiles about Jesus. Gentile is a term used in the Bible for anyone who isn’t Jewish. Also, Peter’s preaching opened up the entire world to God’s promises. Read More

Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene traveled with Jesus during His public ministry and was the first to proclaim His resurrection. Read More

The Resurrection of Jesus and His Return

Jesus' Resurrection

Jesus is raised from the dead

God raises Jesus from death on the third day after Jesus is crucified. This is the most consequential event in human history. Read More


Jesus will return!

John’s Revelation on Patmos, 95 AD, tells us about Jesus’ return to earth and our final judgement. Also, it describes God’s final victory over evil and sin. Read More →

From Saul to Paul

Holy Spirit comes

The Holy Spirit Arrives at the Pentecost

Holy Spirit comes at Pentecost just as Jesus promised, 37 AD. Because of this, when we trust Jesus, we receive the Holy Spirit within us. Read More →

Saul's conversion

Saul’s conversion

Saul is converted and becomes Paul. Then he stopped killing Christians and began telling everyone about Jesus, both Jews and gentiles alike. Also, Paul becomes a key figure in the Bible, helping us to understand Jesus. Read More

Paul's first missionary journey

Paul’s first missionary journey

Paul’s first missionary journey was difficult but also very fruitful. They where fruitful because he started many churches and wrote letters to these churches. Also, his letters are the basis for much of the New Testament in the Bible. Read More

Paul writes to the Romans

Paul writes to a small church in Rome

Paul writes to the Romans and tells them about Jesus. Also, Paul, was a Roman citizen and writes the letter to explain Jesus to the small church of believers in Rome. Read More


The Bible tells the stories of many of the most fascinating people who have ever lived. Also, God uses these stories to show us what it is to be human, and how to make the correct choices in our lives.