Random is Illogical… Everything is Ordered

Everything in the universe is ordered. The sun comes up at exactly the predetermined time every day. The earth revolves around the sun every 365 days. The seasons come and go. That isn’t just a cosmic accident.

Those who do not believe in the Bible will come up with any number of explanations, none having anything to do with God putting everything into its place. Creation, intelligent design, call it what you want, but somebody ordered things.

The Bible has a lovely description. It doesn’t explain how it happened, it just states that God spoke everything into existence.

Order cannot come from chaos

The second law of Thermodynamics says that out of order comes chaos. Chaos does not bring about order. It doesn’t work both ways.

Things don’t just evolve from one thing to another. Living creatures recreate after their own kind, as the Bible states. Cats begat cats, dogs begat dogs.

Bible says there are two genders

Now in today’s society people think they can claim their own gender, or they sometimes insist that references to people be gender neutral. That doesn’t work either.

People are male or female, not some concoction of the two. Anything else is a direct revolt against God’s order.

Man is NOT the center of the universe

The problem is that man is not the center of the universe. Man does not appoint the time of birth and death. Nor does man select eye color, or skin color. He/she also did not put the earth on its axis, or teach the lions how to hunt. But we sure do make a lot of noise about what we want.

We are a vapor, but God is eternal. Our entire lifetime, long or short, is less than a blink of an eye for God. For an eternity before the earth was formed, God was there. For an eternity after we’re gone, God will still be there.

We don’t get to make the rules. We just bend the ones that are clearly in place. Then, we bristle at the thought that God may not approve. It seems much easier accept God’s direction.

We are never the best or everything we want to be

I wanted to be an athlete, but I wasn’t good enough to really go places. It would have been nice to be a musician, but it’s a challenge to really be good at it. I did many things well, but I knew there was always someone who could do it better.

The hardest lesson in life for me was just to accept who I am, make the most of it and be contented.

The best is yet to come

With God, the best is yet to come. He has ordered my days, directed my path and he will call me home, but it’s all good. Knowing that there is a loving and caring God, who is interested in my welfare, is comforting. I don’t have to force the issue. Or as the song goes, “Whatever my lot, thou has taught me to say, it is well, it is well with my soul.”

Any concern I have will pass away. This is a good thing. God will decide the rest.