Love makes the world go round.

Love makes the world go round. There is a TV ad that caught my attention the other day. It started with a statement that the world is full of conflict, hate, and other downsides of human conduct.

Then the commercial changed, telling us not to believe that there is no love, kindness and joy in the world. It invites us to remember reunions at airports, trains and homecomings through images of people embracing each other.

We encounter love everyday

It jolted me. How often does the news have one good feeling story when there are billions of everyday love stories or encounters. Think of the many loving, happy and joyous encounters we have every day.

We meet a friend at a restaurant, receive loving hugs from children and grandchildren, the loving gatherings, a genuine smile for or from a cashier, handshake or high five! There are so many. Why are these loving encounters so important? Ponder that this Advent season …

Love hold us together

Love in all its various forms is glue that holds us together. However, love starts at the very beginning with God, the God who is Love!

Even when Adam and Eve ate the Apple under Satan’s guidance, God loved them. He sent them forth with animal skins to protect them. Loving grace again given.

Jesus is the giver of ultimate love

At Christmas, we acknowledge the arrival of Jesus, the giver of Ultimate Love. As a baby, Jesus is totally dependent on his mother’s loving care. This baby who’s first physical encounter is the loving protection of His mother’s womb.

Yes, Jesus went through every stage of human development, He is one with us. Upon birth, He is gently wrapped in swaddling and held in loving arms. Even when King Herod is searching to kill Him, the tiny baby only knows his parents’ loving protection.

His parents are followers of the truth, God’s will. This is love that Jesus not only represents but lives fully each day. He teaches about the Father’s love so that we can learn to properly love, as He loves.

Agape love is only concerned with our well being

This kind of love is called “Agape”. I would define it as love that is only concerned for the well-being of the person loved without any consideration of the cost or seeking anything in return. This is how God loves us! And it is how God wants us to love one another.

Jesus tells us in Matthew 22:37-39 Jesus replied: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”[c] 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”[d]

A sister’s love

A story is told about a boy who needed a kidney transplant and his younger sister. The doctors found that the younger sister was a match for kidney transplantation with her brother.

Her parents asked her if she would agree to give her brother the kidney transplantation that he needed to save his life. She asked if she could think about it.

The next day she informed the family that she would indeed give her brother the life-saving organ. The day of the surgery arrived, and all went well. When the little girl awakened in the recovery room, she asked the nurse in attendance “is this Heaven”?

The young girl thought that giving her brother her kidney would cost her life in exchange for her brothers. What selfless love!

How can we show God’s love this holiday season?

How can you show God’s love to all those you meet each day? Can you follow God’s truth and offer His love, grace and mercy to others? Try to remember that our Joy is in Jesus’s perfecting love, not in a perfect dinner party or social gathering.

As you gather this Christmas season celebrate Grace, Joy and living the “Truth.” We are praying that you have a very loving and joyful Christmas celebration.