What is Heaven?

What is Heaven? Imagine a moment in time that was so perfect, so beautiful, so satisfying that you never wanted it to end. For many it was when their children were born, or when they fell in love with their spouse, or when a wave of good fortune came their way, giving them warmth, purpose and satisfaction.

Whatever that moment is for you, keep it in your head. Now take every moment like that and embrace it. Now ask, what if this wonderful feeling would never go away? Amplify this amazing moment to something approaching infinity and even more glorious and powerful. That is what heaven is like.

Please forgive my human inadequacy, but I cannot come close to describing God’s glory. My ability to comprehend is limited by my human condition, so I rely on the Bible to open my mind enough to understand a few things.

How the Bible describes heaven

Going through the 422 mentions of heaven in the Bible, we see some interesting facts that give us a more complete understanding. For example, when you see “heaven and earth” in the narrative, it is referring to the entire universe.

There are several meanings of heaven in Hebrew (the old testament of the Bible), which include heights or high places. Additionally, Jesus calls it His father’s house. It is the eternal Kingdom, where the righteous will dwell with God forever.

Unlike some other world religions that describe a place where people enjoy earthly pleasures of the flesh, the Bible focuses on the glory of God. It is a place where the faithful have an everlasting holy and personal relationship with the Almighty.

Imagine being face-to-face with God the Father and the Lord Jesus in paradise. Imagine a place where there is no church, no temple, because God is right there with us, all the time.

Our Father who is in heaven

Our ideas of heaven are abstract. But it is a place. In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus begins, “Our Father who is in heaven…” It is place where Angels dwell. When they are sent to earth, it is from Heaven and the throne of God that their journey begins.

“Heaven” can also be another name for God. At the end of time, God will surround the earth, and truly heaven and earth will be the same.

Just the shining of God

Imagine no night, just the glory of God shining. Imagine no clouds, because there is no need of clouds, because the rain they bring flows as founts of living water from the throne of God. There will be no more sickness, no more pain and death.

Heaven is the ultimate utopia. It never ends. It is the place where the believers of all ages, those who have accepted God’s gift of salvation through faith in Christ, will enjoy endless happiness and fulfillment with their creator.