“The Chosen”: God With Us

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God…(John 1:1)

We marvel at the miracles of the Lord Jesus. We’re amazed that He led a sinless life. We worship Messiah Yeshua as our Savior, who offered His life on the cross to overcome our sin.

Every year we celebrate His resurrection from the grave. We celebrate His virgin birth, which of course challenges our understanding of basic human biology. We do a lot of things, but we forget that Jesus was a man. Granted He was God and man at the same time, but He was one of us, subject to all the human frailties and temptations. It is His humanity that most fascinates me.

New TV series “The Chosen”

For the last couple of years this subject has intrigued me, inspired by the television series “The Chosen.” I am a big fan. It captivated me from the very first scene in the first episode.

The series gives us a plausible backstory on the disciples, the Lord’s followers, and his enemies. Granted, it is a drama and there is some creative license taken, but it does not violate the intent or the spirit of the Bible.

What might have been happening is the question we ask. What kind of people were these who we read about in scripture. Did the disciples like each other? Good questions.

What was it like to be a disciple of Jesus?

“The Chosen” brings out untold, human exchanges. We call them saints, in the sense that they are to be venerated and held above all others, but that’s hardly the entire picture.

We see, in episode after episode, that the disciples and followers were flawed. They were following a man they did not understand, or even fully appreciate; had doubts and fears; argued with each other; they were human.

I really appreciate actor Jonathan Roumie’s interpretation and depiction of Jesus. Director Dallas Jenkins and his team have written scripts that bring out the humanness of Jesus and the shortcomings his followers. It is in this contrast that the show really succeeds.

I love the man Jesus/Yeshua

Divinity aside, I love the man Jesus. The show also gives us insight and understanding of the Pharisees, in particular Nicodemus, played by Erick Avari.

The show, just like the Bible, has its villains, such as Quintus, the Roman military commander in Capernaum, played by Brandon Porter. The plausible backstory just adds to the presentation and pulls us in. It doesn’t violate the Biblical text. Like a parable was used by Jesus to explain situations, the dramatic license taken in each episode helps to illuminate what the Bible narrative presents.

Already have two seasons available to stream

As you read this, production of Season 3 is about the begin. There are eight seasons planned. They acquired their own property and have build sound stages and facilities to accelerate the production process.

They have shot in several locations for the first two seasons, subject to weather and other obstructions. The wait in between episodes and seasons will shorten moving forward. In the meantime, I will continue to re-watch the first two seasons, as every viewing brings out something new, something I missed.

The Chosen is a must see for anyone and an absolute gem for the Christian community.