The Names of God

The names for God: There are many different names for God, far too many to discuss in this blog. We will examine a few of the more common ones and explain their meanings and origins. Each name is descriptive of the glory and power of God.

God’s name is holy!

We begin with one important fact: God’s name is holy. Going back to the beginning of the faith and continuing today, Jews do not write “God” but rather “G-d.” This is to avoid any sacrilege if the written name was ever destroyed, or thrown away, or erased.

This is not practiced by Christians, but it is to be respected. But there are so many descriptive references to God, such as “ha Shem,” or the name. “Baruch ha Shem,” means blessed be thy name in Hebrew. There is an old Christian song, “Blessed Be The Name of the Lord,” which is praising His holiness. “Baruch ha Shem” is the name that represents that song.

Moses asked God His name

Moses wanted to know God’s name after being told to go back to Egypt to free the Israelites. God answered “I am who I am. (Exodus 3:14) God is self contained, needing nothing and “I am” is a reference to His complete self-sufficiency.

When Jesus responded to questions about His being the Messiah, he responded, “I am.” God cannot be described or defined. He just is.

Here are some of the more common names :

Yahweh (God)

The name “Yahweh” is seen most often in the Hebrew text. This is translated Jehovah in English. Jehovah does not appear in many translations of the Bible.

Adonai (Lord God)

This is actually plural. The root word is adon (Lord). Adonai, being plural, refers to the tribune God—God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

El Shaddai (God Almighty)

This is used to describe the power and majesty of God.

Elohim (God the Creator)

We see this first in Genesis 1:1… “In the beginning ELOHIM created the heavens and the earth.

Yeshua (Jesus)

The name Yeshua is the fulfillment of all of all other names for God, the name above all names. Jesus is a variation of the Hebrew name Joshua, which means “Jehovah is salvation.”

Abba (daddy)

Jesus often used this name when talking to His Father. It is one of endearment. It is personal and intimate. Jesus, while praying in the garden of Gethsemane before His arrest and crucifixion, addressed His Father as Abba.

There are so many others. It is impossible to understand God in His fullness, although those who believe are given to promise of just that. In God’s eternal kingdom, He will be well known, by all of His names.